Members of the Molecular Treg Group

Team members


Steffie JUNIUS – PhD Student

Steffie performed her Masters in Boston with a Fulbright fellowship, and also for her PhD started with us in 2017 she was able to secure a fellowship (FWO).


Adamantios MAVROGIANNIS – PhD Student

Adam joined the lab in 2019 for his PhD. He has expertise in computational biology and aims to work out the gradual changes that Treg undergo when losing their lineage fate on a transcriptional and epigenetic level.


Valentina LYKHOPIY – PhD Student

Valentina joined in 2019 for her PhD for which she secured a Baekeland Mandate fellowship. Her PhD project is a shared effort between an industrial partner and our lab on developing novel Treg-targeting therapeutics.


Vanshika MALVIYA – Master Student

Vanshika is a KU Leuven Biomedical Sciences Master student. With passion she is developing CROPseq during his thesis.

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Jeason HAUGTHON – Research Technician

Jeason has the longest history in our lab, having joined us already 5 years ago. He takes care of our mouse colony and is absolutely irreplaceable.

Internship Students

Our lab welcomes several international students per year for training. This year Marianna Fratini and Anna Calliari, both from Italy, joined us. 🙂

Alumni members

  • Aleksandra Dyczko
  • Francisco Naranjo
  • Patrizia Giallonardo
  • Pierre Lemaitre
  • Wadson Saint-Pierre Wijkmans

Intern Students:

  • Alejandro Gonzales
  • Iza Skulimowska
  • Monika Dzwigonska